Make your vision a reality

  • Glass stairs

Adding glass stairs in your house or business is like bringing a piece of art that anyone want and admire. This complex architectural piece of structure can turn your space into exclusive and beautiful place to live or work.  Designing, fabricating and installing glass stairs is very challenging task but Sirius Glass Metal Systems is always open to take the challenge and help you make your dreams come true. We work with local and European suppliers and together we have resources to bring your ideas to reality.

  • Storefronts and curtain walls

Sirius Glass Metal Systems can build your storefront or curtain wall system whether is a custom or standard, simple or complex. We can work with large scale projects and provide material form manufactures including but limited to; Kawneer, YKK, Schuco, US aluminum or TGP. We can also work with local vendors to provide material with competitive pricing and quick turnaround. We always make sure that our product and installation will comply with all the required energy codes.

  • Interior glass walls and partitions.

Glass walls are very popular and a great way to divide or build individual rooms by still making your space to look like one open area. We can use vast amount of combinations and systems to create an ideal place to work. The use of many types or architectural glass, colored glass, film, dimmable glass or acoustical systems allows for range of privacy you or your employees may need. Sirius Glass Metal Systems team will work with you to choose ideal components your project requires.

  • Glass canopies

Canopies bring a unique look and identify the entry to your building. To build a canopy is a complicated and challenging task. From very beginning where ideas are bring to the table there are many design and engineering evaluations that need to be considered. In most of the cases the canopies are suspended and attached to the structural part of the building so involvement of engineering and structural team is crucial. Sirius Glass Metal Systems can design, provide engineering evaluations, fabricate and install canopy for your project.

  • Door and windows

Whether commercial or residential, small or large projects, Sirius Glass Metal Systems can provide and install all types of doors and windows. They are essential part of every building that are constantly utilized by people so not only choosing the right product but also installation is a critical part of the project.  We not only use local and US manufactures but also we can provide much better quality European products.

  • Custom architectural Steel doors and windows.

Custom steel doors and windows are extremely popular. They are not only beautiful, slick and unique but most importantly they are very sturdy, durable and long lasting products. Typically every steel window and door frame is custom welded made-to-order, then painted, and either factory glazed or glazed in field. Some of the US and European manufactures that we work with include but are not limited to; Portella, Eureline, Brombal, Crittall, Optimum windows, Hope’s, Blissnoram, TGP and Arcadia. Sirius Glass Metal Systems team can help you to choose the right product for your budget and will make every effort to complete installation within your timeline.